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We motivate and give you accountability through your personalised training experience.
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When we listen to our members backstories of previous struggle it genuinely pains us. Results can’t happen if you are stuck out of sight in a larger class or just passing the time on the cross trainer because you are unsure of what to do. That never happens here.

Wherever you feel you are starting from our coaching ethos is to make YOU better. We learn directly from the best in the world which makes our coaching, international quality.

Like our clients we are Ego- free, friendly people who have got your back. We coach with genuine care, support and guidance. We motivate and give you accountability through your personalised training experience.

The mv approach - unboxed

The MV/FIT approach, unboxed

Personal training gets results. But how does MV/FIT go the extra mile to get you outstanding results?

We have a multidirectional approach to getting sustainable results for each of our clients.

Your personal goal and starting ability determines how much of each ingredient we use in your personal plan.

This is not a one size fits all approach. It's delivered by full time, professional coaches so you won’t come across any freelancers.

The MV/FIT Overview

  • MV/PT

    Personal training that pushes the body for change. We use Strength, Functional and Metabolic training to get your body performing better.
  • MV/O2

    Enhances your aerobic system. Your VO2 max is measured as the maximum uptake of oxygen your body.
  • MV/R

    Is to Restore. Our restorative training combines flexibility and muscle activation and movement to reset the body to perform at its best.
  • MV/N

    Is for Nutrition Coaching. Where we educate you how to feed your body what it needs (and wants) to match your goals.
  • MV/C

    Is our Consultancy. For those that seek each performance. This how we connect up our training in a digital master plan so you can make extra progress.
Space to train


We’ve had our studio custom designed combining a safe training space and cutting edge programme design. It allows over 160sq ft per client. We are conscientious when it comes to personal space with clients having their own equipment for both hygiene reasons and enhanced session flow. Both clients and coaches work as a team to keep each other safe.


For us, being an expert in coaching goes beyond how to just correct someones squat.

Our role is to ask you the questions in order for you to find the right answers. We stand beside you on your worst day and get the best out of you no matter how you are feeling. What we do is problem solve. You come in with shoulder injury from the weekend’s family trip. We come up with simple work around, so you get the best out of your body for that day.

Get you unstuck and moving forward. Educate you in a sensible thought out way so you can get the best out of your body even when you are not with you. We ensure you keep progressing. Educating our members in a sensible thought out way is key in our role. This is so you can get the best out of your body even when you are not with you. For us we’ve narrowed our coaching ingredients down to the combination of being human, trustworthy, inspiring and knowledgeable. Although our Sports Science degree education is the least important factor, it’s good to know you can trust our in-depth knowledge.

Personal training expertise
Small group personal training

Small group Personal training

Why Small Group Personal training? It works! It's the ideal blend of concentrated coaching and camaraderie. Your training partners elevate and uplift you to bring out your best as well as us. You’ll never be in a group size larger than six.

1:1 personal training

Where extra attention to detail is required. It’s built for those that need higher levels of accountability, support, attention and performance tracking.

At this level our 1:1 memberships also small group personal training and our team training sessions. You enjoy ALL membership benefits of those services combined. It's the most potent, personally guided product on the market.

1:1 personal training

1:1 PT specification

Spaces are highly limited due to the nature of this service.

  • 1:1 PT Sessions
  • MVPT sessions (Small Group)
  • MV/Consultancy to connect
  • Monthly in body scans for progress tracking

Small Group specification

  • MVPT sessions (Small Group PT)
  • Team Training Sessions
  • MV/Consultancy- group
  • Bi- Monthly In-body scans for progress tracking
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