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Awaken Your Athletic Self

Movement is the key to performing better. In order to create more strength, more function, to turn body fat into muscle, it starts by creating more motion.

Here at MV/FIT we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, walking them through the process of progressive training and lifestyle nutrition with genuine support with the ultimate aim for our clients to live youthfully.

Let your inner athlete, awaken.

Personal Training Gym Winchester

If you are looking for Personal Training from a friendly team who coach with genuine care, support and guidance - then welcome to MV/Fit. Based in Winchester Hampshire, we provide small group and also 1:1 personal training focusing on helping you to acheive your fitness goals.

We have got your back

We've Got Your Back

We couple genuine care, with expert coaching. At MV/FIT coaches and clients are a team. We prioritise our education and professional development to ensure you receive the highest quality advise.

We're a Community

You’ll get to train with a bunch of great members who elevate and encourage each other.

We're a Community
It's a personal experience

It's a Personal Experience

We spend 1 on 1 time, on a frequent basis with every member. This ensures you get the individual help you require to keep making great progress. We’re highly skilled at dialling into your starting ability and specialise in creating the right path achieve your goals.

Results Orientated

Progress that is measured. We analyse this together. You are supported with you goals right the way through the process.

We're a Community
We've go that vibe

We've got that vibe

We root for you, we see you rediscover what its like to feel fit again. Your training partners lift you to achieve more. You buzz off of the youthful energy as each session encourages you to get the best out of yourself.

Want to try us?

Our 30 day trial is how to test drive what we do. It allows you to experience the full MV/FIT vibe. The Culture, the Expert guidance, the uplifting Community and personal service. You can restart at your own pace as you awaken your athletic self.

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This is personal training done differently

We specialise in doing Personal training in small groups of just 4-6 clients. This is the ideal blend of personalised coaching, camaraderie and importantly fun!

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