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MV/FIT We offer you something better

MV/FIT is the latest chapter of our training evolution. Our roots go all the way back to 2010 and since then we’ve experienced the fitness industry advance in astonishing ways over the last decade.

We wanted to make what we do, and offer, truly special and we feel it's certainly been achieved with MV/FIT. We wanted to build and ideal training environment, coupled with first class service.

The clients needs as that driving force, right at the centre of the whole operation.

Why the name, Movement Fitness?


Movement is the key to performing better. In order to create more strength, more function, to turn body fat into muscle, it starts by creating more motion.

When you join us, at very start of your journey its paramount to teach you our ethos which is going to give you great progression, longevity, fun and sustainable results. We choose Range of Motion over weight lifted. We champion quality of reps over quantity of reps. We ask you to run your own race and bring your best effort out for that day.

Importantly this creates a Non Ego culture. Thats right, if you’d rather stare at your guns or buns in the mirror (we don’t have mirrors anyway) then we’re not the place for you.

Secondly it creates a warm, welcoming environment to join where your training partners support and uplift you. These values come from our 10 point training manifesto which you’ll get to know more about when trialing us. This culture is at our core, we believe this is the ideal environment to awaken your athletic self and live youthfully

What’s the MV/FIT Method?

Upon a cool crisp morning, I often go for a head clearing run around the forest. Upon an early amble one morning I kept asking myself the questions like; How can we get the very best out of our clients? How can get clients to recover better to then in turn train more intensely? Whats the biggest limiter of progress & performance for our clientele? How can we help them around this?

This is where the MV/Method started to come together. Based on the same science world beaters use, especially those that are still winning championships years after they ‘should’ have retired. We then came up with an applied athletic formula, tailored to the population that we coach, perfect for our clientele.

  • MV/PT

    Personal Training. Strength is the key to unlock maximum performance and to lead a fitness life without limits. Our Personal Training sessions use a combination of Strength Training, Functional Movement and Energy System Development to give you the best results, where time is of the essence.
  • MV/R

    Restorative. Recover harder is a strong part of out ethos. Restoring joint range, reducing muscle tension, fixing common postural deficiencies ALL make your fitness potential greater. After all, movement is the key to performing better.
  • MV/N

    Nutrition. We teach our clients a lifestyle approach to nutriton. We show you how to gain control of your body fat levels, how to promote lean muscle tissue, how to eat for more sustained energy, without having to eat separately from everyone else!
  • MV/02

    The max Volume of O2 passed around the circulatory system is know as your VO2 max. This aerobic conditioning part of our training is designed to train and boost this ability. Training this way makes your heart and lungs super efficient. Much easier to live youthfully when you work on your VO2max!

This is personal training done differently

From your 30 day trial and beyond, your coach will advise on how much of each concept you need to focus on to get you to your individual goal. We trust in the science used by the worlds best.

We’ve got your back.

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