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Three Reasons Why You Should Do Our Next Nutrition Accelerator

Are you fed up with following the latest fad diet and not making the results that you so desperately want? 

Or are you someone who is training lots and just can't seem to put the nutrition puzzle together? 

If so, then here's why I think the Nutrition Accelerator would be the perfect fit for you. 

What is the Nutrition Accelerator? 

Simply put, the Nutrition Accelerator is our flagship method to get you into the best shape of your life. It is where a group of clients, who all share the same goal of getting into better shape and dropping some body fat, join together for 5-6 weeks to get lean.  

Even though 5-6 weeks is a short time frame, the results our clients have achieved is outstanding. Whether that be: 

  • Dropping body fat before their beach holiday - bikini/ beach shorts ready! 
  • Fitting into that dress which they brought years ago
  • Increasing their self-confidence 
  • Increasing their knowledge and changing their mindset around food

They do this all while we make it sustainable and fun for them.  So without further ado, here's why you should take part in our next Nutrition Accelerator...

1. Community  

Dieting is hard, it can feel lonely and that you're getting nowhere. This is exactly why we do the Nutrition Accelerator as a team, so we are all part of a collective. We also pair our members up, so that they have someone to share their daily wins or struggles with.  

I have to say, this even surprised me as to how important this was.  

Quick story: One of the team was finding within the first couple of weeks they just couldn't get into their stride. They were massively struggling and found it really difficult to get consistent with their actions, as it often is at the beginning of any new change/habit.  

With the help, encouragement and support of their team mate, they were able to get through this difficult first two weeks and later made exceptional progress!  

So in summary, without their team mate, they would not have made it through the first phase and gone on to make the progress they did. 

Often, just having someone like you to talk to, can really help build that inner belief and confidence that you can actually do it.  

2. Accountability  

During the course of the Nutrition Accelerator, all the participants had check-ins with their coach and had accountability weaved into their day, their week and for the duration of the challenge.  

Participants had a weekly calorie target or portion target to aim for. It was clearly explained that, the more consistent they were with this target, the greater their results would be.  

However, it was also explained that they had freedom and flexibility in regards to how they met this target. This is so that it was both sustainable in the long term and practical enough in the short term, enabling them to still enjoy their social and work commitments, whilst also making progress.  

If you have a big social event with alcohol and lots of food,  you that you can factor this into your diet and into your weekly budget. It is just a question of balancing the books. 

To boost the level of accountability even further, participants had progress evaluations on weeks 1, 3 and 5. This is so that they had something to aim for with enough added pressure to be consistent with their diet. We also reviewed their weekly progress trackers and daily food diaries to make any tweaks necessary to optimise their results.  

3. Results 

Most importantly, it produced outstanding results!  

Some of the incredible results that came out of the Accelerator were: 

  • Being in their best shape ever 
  • Dropping multiple kg's in body fat mass 
  • Increasing their muscle mass 
  • Feeling more confident! 

Let's also hear from what some of our members had to say about it.  

Louise: "I enjoyed it because it worked!"

Susie: "I've lost weight and my energy levels increased as the weight came off. The programme was personalised and Alex was lovely and realistic!"

Dennis: "The advice was easy to follow and produced great results, but was not a shock to the system, so I can also see myself being able to stick to it consistently after the Accelerator ended."

If you are struggling with your nutrition and want help with your accountability, all of our Personal Training programmes come with nutrition support provided in 1:1 Evaluations.  

It all starts here with a 30 Day Trial

P.S. After all the hard work, join us at the pub to celebrate your fantastic results!

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