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The hidden benefits of training at MV / FIT

There are many obvious benefits of training with us that come in the form of data from improved physical health for our members.   

These improvements for our members can include but are not limited to: increased strength, reductions in body fat, increased bone density, higher levels of muscle mass and generally feeling much fitter and more resilient than before they started training with us.   

However, today we are not going to talk about these improved physical health markers.   

Talking to our clients over the years, we soon realised there are many more benefits of training with us that we often overlooked as data-driven fitness professionals. Even though they are also really important to us!   

We have had clients talk to us about their:   

 -    Improved self esteem and mental health   

Example - Barbara   

"My motivation has improved and more importantly my mental health has improved."

This is really cool for us! As we know the importance of physical activity for improved mental health as it has been consistently shown to boost our mood.   

We are not promising you'll have the confidence of Glenn though:   

"Just look at me!"  

-    A higher sense of joy & fun when doing physical activity with a group.   

Example - Rachel   

"I love having a laugh, it's fun, it's exciting!"  

Example - Jo   

"It is something to look forward to and not something to dread." 

We believe training in groups is way more fun than training alone. Some days you won't feel up for training. But the people you train with might be feeling up for it and they will make a big difference to how you feel and get you through the session.   

Example - James   

"It's been a great excuse to do something for myself and zone out of family life - it's been a great gift for me!"  

We love this! As you get older, your responsibilities increase, especially with work and if are a parent. Therefore, your time to exercise can decrease massively. This is why it is so important to have somewhere to go to away from work/ family so that you can work on improving yourself.   

As they say, you need to put your own oxygen mask on first!   

-    Increased consistency with training and nutrition as whole.   

Example - Stephen   

"I want to come back because I enjoy it!"   

We often find that once you start training, you're consistency in other areas of your life such as nutrition improve as well.   

-    Meeting other like-minded individuals and making friends for life.   

Example - Ed   

"I love working out with other people, it does feel like a family here!"   

When you train alone in a commercial gym it feels awkward to say hello to other members and the sense of community can be pretty poor. Who wants to train somewhere where you don't say hello to the person next to you?!   

We are the total opposite of this! We encourage an open-dialogue and have multiple community events over the year so that our members have the time to really get to know each other.   

Example - Nick   

"I've enjoyed the learning process the most - it's actually learning to do these things properly and meeting some fun and interesting people along the way."  

-    More positive and health focused at home - the whole family loves our recipes on our private Facebook group, the Nutrition and Wellness Hub.   

Example - Toni   

"We've all become more positive and health focused at home. All the nutritional input has been great - we are all now eating healthier - I didn't expect that to be part of the benefits but it's a good one!"  

Lastly, this is a really cool one for us! We love making a difference to our members lives, but when it gets passed along to other family members that is really special for us.  

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