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The Benefits of Strength Training for All

The power of strength training is truly phenomenal.   

No, this is not just a Personal Trainers hyperbole. This is both scientific and real world results and data from years of research and in-person coaching.  

Strength training - commonly referred to as resistance training - has a whole host of benefits which are simply not talked about enough in society and in the mainstream media.   

These benefits occur regardless of your age and health condition, strength training is for all.

  • Do your kids want to have better balance and muscular strength? Strength train.
  • Do you want to have a lower injury risk and manage work stress better as an adult? Strength train.
  • Do you want to preserve muscle mass and extend the quality of your life into your older age? Strength train.   

As you can see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the benefits of strength training. 

Read below to find out more about the extensive benefits of strength training for all, broken down into four distinct sections.

1. Physiological Benefits

More power & muscular strength   

Regular strength training - ideally 3-4 times per week - will increase your bodies efficiency and allow you to increase your power and muscular strength. More strength and power is highly functional and is something that leads to a wide range of other benefits discussed below. 

Increased muscle mass   

Increased muscle mass can protect your joints and strengthen your ligaments and tendons - leading to more positive benefits down the road. This also gives your body tone and definition - so aesthetically speaking - you will look damn good too!   

Stronger bones   

An increase in bone density can occur with strength training. Strength training has been positively correlated in older adults to reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as osteoporosis.   

2. General Health Benefits 

Reduce your body fat & improve your health   

Burning calories in the gym and building both strength and muscle can lead to reductions in body fat, especially fat around your internal organs known as visceral fat. Improvements in your body composition can reduce your risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.   

Extend your life   

Strength training has been shown to reduce all-cause mortality by 21%. It can extend your life expectancy by reducing the likelihood of you developing an array of different chronic diseases.   

Manage chronic pain   

Strength training is highly useful in the management and treatment of chronic pain such as lower back pain and osteoarthritis. In some cases, strength training has been shown to completely eliminate all symptoms of such pain. This opens up more opportunities to lead a better quality of life. Being pain free is the key!   

Prevent muscle loss   

Strength training is the weapon to fight off a reduction in muscle mass. This is especially common as you get older, and the more muscle mass you can build/ preserve, the stronger you will be into your older age.   

3. Movement Benefits 

Greater "functional ability"  

Improved balance through strength training has been shown to decrease the incidence of falls in the elderly. It has also been shown to improve your performance in everyday activities, such as running around after your kids.

Reduce injury risk   

The physiological benefits of strength training has been shown to reduce your risk of injury in daily activities and in a sporting context.   

Increased mobility & flexibility   

Training through a full range of motion with added weight, exposures your muscles to a greater degree of stretch which can enhance your overall mobility. Strength training used in conjunction with static stretching can be a winning formula to enhance your overall flexibility and mobility.  

Improved athletic performance   

In a sporting setting, strength training can produce a whole host of positive benefits such as an improvement in your running or cycling performance. Remember, stronger legs = more potential power. You will be flying up those hills in no time!   

4. Mental Health Benefits

Improve your mental health   

Strength training has been shown to reduce both anxiety and depression. Now I am definitely not saying this is a cure-all, but there is a reason why everyone leaves our sessions with a big smile on their face!   

Reduce fatigue & boost your mood   

Manage your stress, lower your fatigue and boost your mood with the help of strength training. Studies show that continued strength training can lead to a reduction in fatigue. Strength training empowers you like no other form of training - it is a great way to beat the stress that has accumulated in your work day.   

So there we have it.   

Did I miss anything out?   

What are the benefits that YOU get from training. If you would like to let me know, you can contact us here.   

Need help with implementing strength training and making it apart of your lifestyle, then try our 30-Day Trial here.

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