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The Benefits of High Rep Training

We recently started a new training phase in our flagship Small Group Personal Training programme here at MV / FIT. 

The first 4-week block of this new phase starts with a concentrated block of higher repetitions (reps) and lighter weights. 

As we have had a few questions in the gym about why we are utilising such high reps and lighter weights, we thought it was a good idea to explain some of the science and rationale behind high rep training. 

Firstly, it is important to understand the relationship between the number of repetitions and intensity. 

In summary: 

The lower the number of repetitions, the higher the intensity.
The higher the number of repetitions, the lower the intensity. 

When it comes to weight training, intensity is simply a measure of how heavy your weights are. This leads us nicely into reason #1 on why we are utilising high reps. 

1. Higher reps can decrease your overall risk of injury

If we trained with high intensity all the time - think lower reps, heavy weights - this could potentially increase your risk of injury or over-use injuries overtime. 

Imagine if you tried to run a marathon every day, every week of the year. This would exponentially increase your risk of injury. 

This is why normally you would gradually build up your mileage so that you can complete the distance and then you would decrease your mileage once you have finished your race. 

This is why we periodise your training phase to phase - to decrease your overall risk of injury and maximise your progress in the long term. The aim of the game is to stay healthy and training consistently, and if you develop niggles and injuries, this can ultimately stop you from progressing. 

2. Higher rep training improves your strength endurance & your overall conditioning 

If you have ever tried high rep training, you know what I mean when I say that is super challenging workout - especially when you go close to failure!

There is a big difference between doing 20 reps close to failure and just picking a light weight and not taking it close to failure. The benefits of this style of training will exponentially increase the the closer you are to failure, while achieving your desired rep range. 

Your strength endurance - which is your ability to produce force for prolonged periods of time - will improve massively. This in turn improves the ability of your muscles to tolerate higher reps and as a by-product, your overall conditioning will improve greatly.

3. It is fun!  

Performing higher rep sets is likely to get you working hard and be extremely rewarding too! Endorphins get released in abundance when you push yourself and your heart rate high. There is nothing better than finishing a tough workout and leaving the gym with a big smile on your face. So embrace the high reps, it is sure to worth all the effort!

- Coach Alex

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