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Going faster for your next Hyrox

If you're aiming to complete a faster Hyrox time this year, then read on - this one is for you! 

Given the vast array of stations and exercises during Hyrox, it's easy to see why it can feel so confusing as to where to focus most of your training time towards.  

When you have to complete: 

  • 1000m on the ski erg 
  • 50m sled push 
  • 50m sled pull 
  • 80m burpee broad jumps 
  • 1000m row  
  • 200m farmers carry 
  • 100m sandbag lunges 
  • 80 or 100 wall balls 

Oh, and then also having to run 8 x 1km intervals in between each station. It's a lot to think about! 

Here at MV / FIT, our aim is to simplify the process of working towards your goal. So with that said, let's break down the Hyrox event and highlight some key areas to focus on.  

The average finisher time for Hyrox in the individual category is 1 hour 35 minutes for men and 1 hour 38 minutes for women. Although, this varies hugely by age.  

Now, given that Hyrox takes on average +90 minutes to complete, this makes it a hugely aerobic activity in nature. Even for the pro's who complete it in under 60 minutes! 

So what is an aerobic activity? 

An aerobic activity is physical exercise involving or requiring oxygen. It primarily relies on aerobic energy metabolism, this means that your overall endurance - i.e. the capacity of your aerobic energy system - is THE most defining and critical factor in improving your Hyrox time.  

So how do I improve my aerobic energy system to perform better at Hyrox? 

Firstly, prioritise mixed modality training where you use a variety of cardiovascular stations and exercises to improve your aerobic energy system. This is a superb way to improve your general conditioning and replicate the movement patterns and exercises at Hyrox.  

So for our members, this is best achieved during our 'Hybrid' sessions on Wednesday's and Saturday's and also as part of our 'finishers' on our strength days.  

But like a great film once said, "Run forest, run!!"

All jokes aside, improving your running is going to give you the best return on increasing your Hyrox performance when compared to any other training modality in isolation.  

Yes, practising your wall ball technique and building up your strength inside the gym is super important - luckily for our members, we will take care of this - but improving your running endurance is one of the most important factors to work on. 

So what you need to do is build up your 'occasionally running 5km' to consistently running at least 1-2 times per week and gradually building up your total weekly distance' in order to improve this.  

It is important to note that this needs to be a part of a whole training system, where you prioritise strength, mixed modality training and running all concurrently.  

So let's add some running into your weekly training schedule and consistently build this up shall we?  

Now how do I improve my running you say... well that's the subject of another blog post or seminar.   

I hope this has inspired some of you to work on your aerobic energy system and improve your conditioning.  

- Coach Alex

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